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Analogics - Electronic Analog Synth Repair, Sales, Refurbishing, & Custom Woodworking

Analogics has been involved in analog synth repair and refurbishing since 1990. We also sell analog synths. I have added a custom woodworking page for the furniture, clocks, and jewelry boxes I build for customers. It's a passion of mine. Take a look around. If you have a question or can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to email flattop "at" or give me a call at Analogics.

Here's a pic of how things used to be. See if you can figure out what's what! Oh, before anyone asks, these items were sold many years ago
Analogics collection of Analog Synths from 1991

This was Analogics inventory of analog synths in 1991. Be advised that this represents one of each item in stock. Though I can't remember exactly, I had multiples of the more common stuff like P5's, MM+'s, Mini's, etc... Those were the days. This did not include the analog synths I had in for repair during that period. Thanks again for visiting Analogics.